Your Annual Service Provider Health Check

As your technology solutions ally, Cynergy can help you better understand your existing services AND what options are available to you.

Cynergy November

Our team works on your behalf to ensure your service providers follow through on their commitments.

Cynergy has completed thousands of conversions and can help your team prepare and what to expect and stay on top of the carrier to get it done right. We even assist you in terminating your existing contracts as you convert, all for FREE! Reach out to us and we’ll happily review your existing contracts, the terms and, more importantly, identify any new providers have entered your immediate area. Here is how it works:

  • The review typically takes about 10 minutes, however, each business is unique and some can last longer.
  • During this review, we’ll happily pull your account details together and discuss your specific situation.
  • Once your contracts are up, let us help determine if it is in your best interest to renew or look at new alternatives, and provides carrier coordination on your behalf if a change occurs.

Let us know if you’re looking to launch new services and technologies. We specialize in finding the right provider with the right service to meet your individual needs! Cynergy continues to rate as the highest technology Client Advocate in the market on the international NPS (Net Promoter Score) standard. Let us help you with a telecommunications review for 2018 budgeting.

As we enter the Thanksgiving season, we reflect on how thankful we are to have such wonderful clients. We do our best to make you just as thankful that you chose to work with Cynergy for your technology choices and guidance.

Contact us to schedule a review of your contracts and options.