Technology Trends to Enhance Business Continuity


Brian Henderson, President


With each passing year, technology becomes more advanced and allows for a wider variety of communications solutions for small businesses. Because of these advances, technology is allowing more business continuity through disaster recovery services and allowing employees to work remotely.

“In 2016, 43 percent of employed Americans spent time working remotely” (New York Times).

Permitting employees to work remotely is not always just a luxury; sometimes it’s a necessity and plays into the disaster recovery plan. With natural disasters such as snow/ice storms, flooding, power outages and more, your company will gain freedom to have employees continue working from wherever they are, no matter the weather or circumstances. For Cynergy, we know that through our disaster recovery practices that we have in place, our building could lose power, yet we would still be able to operate.

We will be going in depth on each of the topics below in future blogs, but here is an introduction into the trends that will enhance your business continuity no matter the situation or your employees’ locations:


For good reason, security is at the top of the list. We would never recommend technology services that we don’t implement ourselves at Cynergy, nor that we don’t 100 percent believe allow your company to run with maximum security. You’re first thought when you hear some of the services below might be one of fear and doubt that there’s any way the office could be secure with employees on various devices in various locations working through your system. But, rest assured, with the following solutions, you can manage security from home, be centrally managed and secure, and allow and empower employees to work remotely without losing security.


UCaaS, or Unified Communications as a Service, entails many devices that allow your business to run more efficiently and give you many more options and freedom, such as:

  • Hosted VoIP – communications are managed by the cloud so employees can access the business phone system anywhere in the country.
  • Updated Phone Functions – phone services are installed with “call forwarding,” “follow me” and “find me” features that allow employees to look as though they are on the premises to customers, no matter their actual location.
  • Instant Messaging – access real-time collaboration and rapid response times that beat email for inbound messaging and efficiency.


Many businesses, including Cynergy, are following the BYOD trend, or Bring Your Own Device. Due to the rise of smartphone use, companies are clinging to the idea of integrating the company’s phone systems with mobile devices so employees can streamline their work and aren’t restricted to the office. As discussed above, security is not an issue with BYOD, as credentials are required to access the cloud services, and administrators can manage security online easily while also tracking who is on the business system where and when.

Cloud Solutions

These solutions allow businesses to manage their systems and data, while allowing employees to access application systems and services as necessary in a secure manner.

  • Data Management and Security – Data is never lost due to the backup & storage policies that store files in virtual, physical and geographical redundant places. Files can be easily stored and shared, with collaboration features to improve productivity.
  • Application Systems and Services – Applications or services employees need to access – billing systems, logistics, inventory, accounting book or others – are permitted only after employees provide credentials received from system administrators. All usage is tracked and recorded for administrators to oversee.

“By 2019, it is estimated that global spending on cloud, mobile social and big data technologies and solutions will reach $3.8 trillion, with $1.45 trillion being targeted specifically for communications services” (Gartner).


Whether you have multiple offices to manage or you have an accountant working from home, home internet connection type and/or which carrier they use don’t matter with SD-WAN. This service allows networks to be accessed across different locations and devices securely.

Broadband and Availability of Network

Oftentimes, if employees are working remotely with “slower” internet services such as cable or Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL), the system will run very slowly and hinder the employee’s work productivity. But today’s broadband networks are much improved over those the ISP’s used even just a decade ago. Internal routing policies are more streamlined and higher speed technologies are reaching further and further out from the ‘core’ network.


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