Staying at the Top of Our Game

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A couple months ago, we broke down what a Net Promoter Score was, and what it means for our company. It has become the “hallmark” measure of a customers’ overall satisfaction with a service or company. It’s a large scale from -100 to +100, and 50 is considered a best in class experience. Read more about NPS >

During that last blog, we were so excited to announce that we had an NPS score of 93, raising our score by 25 percent in the past year! Thanks to the dedication and hard work from our carrier coordinators and support staff. Our scores vary weekly as more and more surveys come through, and this week we are blown away by the results!


We’ve hit 96.2 percent for 2017 YTD!


Thank you so much for everyone that has shared their experiences with Cynergy and witnessed for themselves the value we offer in the technology and communications industry! Our Clients are the BEST in the business community and are the sole reason we’re here!

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If you would like to also offer ratings and reviews of Cynergy, you can do so in the following ways:

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We’d love to stay in touch with you! Contact us if you have any additional questions or comments about the many services we have to offer!