Stand up to Communications Nightmares


Halloween reminds us of the things in life that give us a scare, and for many business owners, one of the biggest nightmares of all is losing business for various reasons. Stand up to these communications nightmares this Halloween with Cynergy’s services:

You’re on the road and clients are calling the office line nonstop.

How is it possible to be in two places at once? You don’t want to give out your personal number for when you step out of the office, but you also don’t want to miss important business calls. With Cynergy’s unified communications services, you can take advantage of Hosted VoIP, Unified Messaging, Collaboration and other technology features that allow you to seamlessly transfer office calls to your mobile device. Callers will never even notice the difference.

Inclement weather keeps you and your staff out of the office.

A day off of work can offer a nice break every now and again. But as a business owner, all you can think about is the money, business and productivity you’re losing if you and your employees can’t work for a day or two due to inclement weather. With Cynergy’s cloud and data services, though, you can make it possible for employees to work from home. You can safely and easily manage who is able to access your company’s network online, offering only those you send the proper credentials to the ability to login and work online from anywhere, at any time.

People are going to hack your network if you join the cloud.

With a service that you can’t touch or see, it can be easy to worry that updating your business to work through the cloud will lead to hacking issues and not knowing who can see your information. But with Cynergy’s cloud and data services, you can also easily track who is on your network and where they are logged in. Skeptical about a certain IP address location? Ensure they are one of your staff members by making the user answer a few more security questions before they can access your network.

Here at Cynergy, we are your ally in the technology and communications industry. Let us help you fight off these communications nightmares in your business, free of charge!

Contact us and have a truly Happy Halloween!