Trust The Experts

Imagine if you or your team had executive leaders from the carrier/provider industry at your disposal, but working for you and not the carrier. How much simpler would this make discussing your technology strategy and roadmap? That’s what Cynergy brings to your business. Our team has 80+ years combined experience in the telecom, network, server and application industries. We know how it works from the inside with these national carriers, as we once ran them. If you’re looking to implement changes in technology, don’t do it alone. Leverage our experience, then allow us to interface with the selected service providers to help bring your new solution to full implementation.


  • Hosted VoIP (Voice over IP)

    Provides a wealth of phone system features, without the headache of managing the hardware yourself. Very simple web tools to manage your business phone features.

  • Mobile Device Management/ BYOD

    A comprehensive solutions to manage and secure your mobile device assets (laptops, tablets, and smart phones) providing IT with the flexibility and control to properly manage it.

  • Unified Messaging

    Various solutions that bring your email, voicemail, mobiles devices, etc. together and deliver one common experience.

  • EFax (Inbound and Outbound)

    Enables your business to both send and receive documents right from your desktop.

  • Conferencing

    This service allows for real-time conferencing of events (web meetings, webinars, audio conferencing, multi-point video conferencing) to be shared with remote locations.

  • Collaboration

    This solution enables geographically-dispersed office workers, telecommuters, business partners and customers to collaborate as naturally as they do in the same room.

  • Messaging

    Take control of your IM infrastructures with scalable solutions to manage voice mail, email, and fax messages from your desktop computer, telephones and mobile devices.

  • Mobility

    Mobility solutions providing your mobile workforce with feature-rich “in office” communications experience they need to stay in touch and be productive.

  • Call Center

    Cynergy Works with our partners to deploy a best-in-class call center to manage and calls effectively and efficiently.

  • MPLS

    A Virtual Private LAN Service allows your employees to connect to programs and applications securely by extending the network. Using Multiprotocol Label Switching, employees are allowed to login with a specified key code.

  • Managed Network Services

    We can design and help you deploy advanced monitoring, intelligent routing, and optimized ‘edge’ solutions to get the most out of your services and make managing multiple locations simple. Whether you need encryption, virtual networks (tunnels), fail-over, priority traffic routing or full SD-WAN (software defined WAN), Cynergy has the partners and experience to make it work.

  • Converged Voice & Data

    Increase productivity and responsiveness with Unified voice, video, and data communications in conjunction with collaboration technologies to enable employees to work more productively and enhance overall business efficiency.

  • Fiber

    Typically used by carriers for long-distance traffic, fiber optics are the fastest and most reliable delivery medium available.

  • Metro-E

    A metro Ethernet network is based on Ethernet standards, commonly used to connect to a larger service network or the Internet to connect business offices to each other.

  • Fixed Wireless

    Cynergy works with our partners to provide commercial-grade wireless that is scalable, data connections for organizations to complement an existing connection and increase your available bandwidth.

  • Coax Broadband

    Data and audio communication solutions that are powerful, scalable, cost-effective and can deliver high performance and is capable of transmitting multiple frequencies of data simultaneously.

  • Layer 2 Transport

    Cynergy works with partners to provide scalable point-to-point tunneling architecture solutions for evolving multiple service networks into a unified multiservice network.

  • SIP Trunking

    Eliminating the use of expensive technology, SIP Trunking connects your traditional phone lines through the Internet.

  • Point-to-Point Connectivity

    Authenticate, encrypt, and compress with Point-to-Point Services. Get the high performance you need and expand your broadband connections with a wireless network.

  • Virtual Desktop

    An investment into virtual workspaces may save your company a significant amount of physical space. Hardware, such as multiple monitors are unneeded as employees are able to toggle through virtual screens.

  • Cloud Storage

    Data storage is essential, and through the use of cloud-based or web-based applications, we are able to manage your programs for the fraction of the cost of traditional data storage.

  • Back-up/Disaster Recovery

    Protect your hardware and your software applications with disaster recovery solutions. Downtime could mean a significant loss in profits.

  • Co-Location

    If your business is growing and in the need of additional bandwidth, server colocation might be the option you need without the added cost of traditional bandwidth solutions.

  • Managed Services

    Increase your IT productivity and efficiency with strategic solutions for establishing, operating, managing and monitoring the day-to-day operations of your communication systems, services and business support systems.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

    IaaS leverages significant technology, services, and data center investments to deliver IT as a service with business-capable security at a fraction of the cost, including high scalability and security.