Providing Necessary Solutions for You

In business since 2000 and an active partner of Cynergy’s within the last year, EcessaTM is a WAN expert that offers many solutions to provide great service and products for your data connection. They are highly experienced in routing edge traffic efficiently, offering competitive prices and real-time performance reports.


Depending on the size of your company, how many locations you have and what you are trying to do in your business, Ecessa can offer various solutions. EdgeTM is great for single offices. PowerLinkTM offer better secure tunnels between locations. WANworXTM is full blown SD-WAN, allowing every location to easily recognize information about the others’ connections and networks. Visit Ecessa’s website to learn more about their products >

Ecessa has a very elegant user interface and cloud portal to allow you to access information about your networks easily, and is offered at very reasonable prices. And as always, if you don’t want to or can’t manage these services on your own, Cynergy is here to help you manage your networks, access reports and recommend changes as need be. We evaluate numerous companies, products and services continuously to ensure that we are advocating for the right solutions for business owners. That’s why you can rest assured knowing when we partner with a company, we’ve done our research and we know they offer great solutions to benefit you.


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