Maximize Your Storage, Security and Savings

Are you constantly questioning your storage space, whether or not your hardware is protected accurately if a disaster occurs or how your company can improve efficiency with the proper technology? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. Cynergy works as your ally in the technology industry, assessing your company needs, finding you the best service providers and carriers for the job and maintaining the conversation between all parties so you don’t have to. We call this The Cynergy Way >


We’re all about customer service, with an NPS of 93 and 100% on the quality scores for our project managers on all of the 2017 customer surveys we received. That means we’re here to help, never dropping the ball in communications or high quality services.

When you express a concern or need you have in the technology industry, whether it be saving your company physical space, data storage costs, your company’s hardware and software applications, or simply maximizing your efficiency, we’ve got you covered through our Cynergy Experience.

Learn more about what our expertise in Cloud and Data Services can offer your company and check out our case study with Bloomfield to see how we were able to solve the company’s needs.

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