Introducing CloudStamps by Infrapoint

Did you know that Cynergy can help you find great cloud services just like we helped you find the right telecom provider at the best price?

aa1efb6d-12d6-4546-bd39-a553b3ca6277Infrapoint, one of Cynergy’s newest partners, offers CloudStamps, an enterprise-grade private cloud solution at the price point of public cloud solutions like Amazon and Google. This solution provides a secure, reliable and completely dedicated environment for your data and applications. So you get all the benefits of private cloud: more control, better performance and superior security. We can recommend CloudStamps because we use them ourselves. In the past year we’ve have zero outages and couldn’t be happier with their customer service.

Click on the photo below to view Cynergy’s President, Brian Henderson and Vice President Operations, Chris Davis discuss CloudStamps.

Brian Henderson

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