Don’t Let Carrier Consolidation Negatively Impact Your Business

Back in the 90s, when the Telecommunications Act came about, competitive companies were encouraged to enter the market, sparking competition, innovation and options for clients. This era of advances in technology greatly strengthened the quality of customer service and products provided. It also saw networks being re-groomed and advanced to handle more traffic in a better manner. It quickly became unacceptable to just maintain the status quo.

Nowadays, however, more carriers are consolidating, eliminating competition, increasing complacency and reducing carrier options for clients. If there’s less competition in the market, carriers don’t have to work as hard through customer service, technology upgrades nor competitive pricing to gain your business. Apart from the turmoil of having fewer alternatives to turn to and a lack of customer service, carrier consolidation can also bring about changes in contracts, products/services and pricing for current clients, which can be a hassle to deal with.

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You don’t have to let consolidation mess up your daily routine. We recommend two options to avoid the negative impacts that can occur through carrier consolidation:

Become carrier agnostic.

If you control your routing from your office(s), you stop relying on carriers for answers and you avoid pricing and contract changes. Ideally, it’s preferable to have at least 2 different carriers and technologies keeping you connected (cable, DSL, fiber, T-1s, ethernet, wireless, etc.). That way, if any errors occur for either carrier during the consolidation process, you’re much less affected, keeping you off the help line waiting for a representative to fix your service. Instead, when you’re agnostic, you control your services and you can easily change out one carrier for another as you see fit. An SD-WAN solution will illustrate which carriers are performing well, and help you make educated decisions in your own timeframe.

Let Cynergy work for you.

If you choose to work with Cynergy as your ally, we will take care of the whole process for you. Upon first mention of any consolidation between carriers that would impact your business, our team of experts will be already engaged with the executive teams of both carriers, discussing contracts, services and support. If any changes are needed, rest assured our team is doing our research on recommendations that would benefit your company. We can even train you on how to take ownership of your interfaces. You stay in control of your services; the only difference is that you have our decades of experience behind you to help you choose the right options.

You have the advantage when you work with Cynergy. We always ensure our clients are taken care of, free of charge. That’s what we like to call the Cynergy Experience.


Connect with us to learn more, and avoid feeling the impact of carrier consolidation.