Complexity Doesn’t Need to be Complicated


Cynergy exists to deliver on your vision the way you see it and to positively impact your business in quantifiable terms! We do this by maintaining structure and transparency with our customers in order to provide great and reliable customer service. Our process, called the Cynergy Way, is a cyclical structure with these five phases:

  1. Assess – We analyze the current methods, service providers and carriers you are using to find where the need for improvement, updates and changes lies.
  2. Design – From our assessment, we will provide a plan that best fits your companies needs. With over 60 service providers in our network, we will match you with right tools for your business.
  3. Plan – We quote and negotiate contracts with providers, organizing the perfect plan with your service providers.
  4. Implement – We will manage the project the whole way through, from the nitty-gritty paperwork to any communications needs.
  5. Maintain – Staying in contact with you and your carriers, we will maintain the communications between all parties and begin the assessment process over when changes are needed.



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In order to provide top-notch service to everyone, we use this cycle, recognizing that a relationship or network with a client should never be over with. Rather, in analyzing and assessing the solutions already implemented and checking for any needed updates or changes, Cynergy is able to help clients stay well versed in technology trends and upgrades as well as ensure consistency through all technology and communications platforms.

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