Cloud Faxing. Why Use It?

bd8f04a4-ae53-4cd6-9eef-7cb51742a942A cloud fax is another term for an online fax service. It has all the advantages of traditional, manual faxing with none of the disadvantages. One just needs a computer or mobile device with connectivity to send the data and some form of receiving device at the other end.

The Cloud Faxing Advantage
Many companies have legacy fax systems in place. Fax servers became popular with medium and large organizations due to efficiency and integration capabilities. Cloud faxing allows paperless faxing, saving money and time by reducing toner and paper usage and eliminating the need for dedicated fax lines. Most importantly, there are no more bulky fax machines taking up space in your office. Cloud faxing will boost staff productivity by enabling your employees to send and receive faxes on the go, during a meeting or from their mobile devices. Secure cloud faxing also assists your business with being in compliance with HIPPA, SOX and other regulatory entities.

Here are a few advantages for any size organization:


Source: MyFax

“The move to cloud faxing has allowed AmeriSave to no longer need to host hardware and infrastructure.  This allowed for retirement of dedicated servers and circuits just for faxing and this reduces cost and administrative overhead.  Additionally, the end users appreciate the streamlined process to send faxes versus our previous onsite solution.“
-Eric Shepard, Director of MIS, AmeriSave

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