Certifying our Experts; Benefiting our Clients

The Six Sigma Certification showcases tools and techniques that work to improve the processes in organizations in order to recognize individuals that can identify errors in a process and fix them. There are various levels to the certification, indicating the depth of knowledge and experience the individual has with the certification.


Six Sigma Cycle

Possessing a full understanding of the Six Sigma Certification means we understand that there’s always room to improve, and our job of making a smooth process for clients is never over. The cycle includes:

  • Defining the key problems in the method or activity
  • Measure the current performance
  • Analyzing the current process and the causes for errors
  • Improving the process by implementing fixes
  • Controlling and maintaining the improved process


Cynergy is able to eliminate over 90 percent of errors from double and triple checking processes and implementing better methods.




Chris Davis, Vice President of Operations


Chris currently has a green belt in the Six Sigma Certification process, working toward a black belt. This means he’s received the basic understanding of efficient process knowledge and application, and he’s now able to identify the best practices from a cost reduction perspective without minimizing quality. Chris has also ensured everyone in the Operations Team at Cynergy has received their certification, assuring quality across the board.


How Six Sigma Benefits You

Because everyone on our Operations Team has some level of the Six Sigma certification, your business will be benefited in the following ways:

  • Experiencing the Cynergy Experience through a simplified and efficient process of communication
  • Knowing you’re receiving the best quality service
  • Avoiding any errors and annoyances in the technology and communication process with carriers and service providers


Experience the quality and hassle-free processes that Cynergy has to offer you in technology communication when you schedule a free consultation.