Bloomfield Industries, Inc. is on the leading edge of cannabis-based therapies and services. Whether patient or healthcare provider, we want to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We understand that cannabis-based therapies and services offer hope for those who have suffered without relief from conventional medicine. We also know that this is a highly regulated industry and intend to follow the letter of the law. With the right balance of expertise, commitment, and security, our expert team delivers nearly a century of proven practices in the diverse disciplines of the life sciences and regulatory affairs, as well as extensive agricultural, pharmaceutical, and medical experience. We want to earn your trust as a new community member by offering:


  • The best cultivation methods in harmony with nature and the environment
  • Strict compliance with regulatory standards and a commitment to pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing and distribution
  • Safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing experiences at our facilities

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The Challenge:

  • Company received licenses to operate in the state of New York. They were given 150 days to be operational with product on the shelf.
  • Multiple locations, not all within the same footprint.
  • No existing infrastructure, ‘greenfield’ engagement.
  • Company had no IT, network or telecom expertise or personnel.
  • Department of Health had specific requirements: 100% uptime, offsite patient storage compliance, security, video, etc.
  • Client wanted all services managed, only wanted to hire personnel to run their core business.

The Goal:

Find services and providers to meet the strict requirements, but still be able to deliver quickly with ongoing maintenance and support provided.

  • Provide a secure, redundant network over multiple locations.
  • Strict security, particularly around internet access.
  • Allow for high-bandwidth video transport.
  • Cloud data storage with carrier-grade redundancy and back-ups.
  • A voice solution with flexibility for fast growth and expansion without complexity.
  • All services must be 100% managed, Client has no time or desire to manage it going forward.
  • Entire project must be completed in under 150 days.

The Result:

Cynergy chose to design a multi-provider solution to leverage specific strengths of each. One with a reputation of network reliability, another was best at handling equipment, routing, and cloud hosting.

  • Deployed a fully meshed MPLS network between all the locations for data and video transport.
  • Used network-based managed firewalls to secure internet access from all locations.
  • Sourced 3 distinct providers for each facility (each with their own diverse path).
  • Sourced a managed service provider to install, configure and manage local switches and routers and to provide tertiary routes across all 3 providers.
  • Engaged a Tier 4 cloud provider that allowed both private and public access. This provider had virtual and physical redundancy and provided back-ups. Negotiated usage-based terms at the Client’s request.
  • Deployed a hosted PBX provider that configured, installed and managed all premise hardware. New hires had a new phone within 24 hours.
  • Cynergy managed all phases of the project. Only delays were caused by site construction.

Required Areas of Expertise:

This engagement leveraged Cynergy’s complex network design, voice (SIP), security, collo/cloud and project management experience.