Business Continuity Series #5 – Cloud Solutions


Brian Henderson, President


Our previous blog in the business continuity series discussed the benefits your company can take advantage of with BYOD services, or bring your own device. Read the blog here >

The next stop in our series is discussing the various cloud solutions that can benefit your company and help you strengthen your disaster recovery plans.


A recent study by Gartner found that “global spending on cloud, mobile social and big data technologies and solutions will reach $3.8 trillion by 2019, with $1.45 trillion being targeted specifically for communications services.”

Cloud and data solutions manage business systems and data, allowing employees to access application systems and services from locations other than the office, securely. Business owners have full control of this access, deciding the strength of the network credentials used by employees. Owners can even see who is accessing the network and where they are located. Here are just a few of the options business owners can choose from in cloud and data services.

Data Management and Security 

Never lose data due to the backup and storage policies that store files in virtual, physical and geographical redundant places. Collaboration features allow files to be easily stored and shared. This improves productivity while saving time, money and other essential business resources. With these solutions, employees can be just as productive working from home when the office isn’t accessible as they are when they are sitting at their desk or in a conference room for client meetings. Data on the network is never vulnerable because you as the business owner can control who receives the credentials needed to access the server.

Application Systems and Services

When adopted in a SAAS (software as a service) format, applications employees must access such as billing systems, logistics/inventory systems, and accounting books are permitted only after employees provide credentials received from system administrators. Usage and locations are tracked and recorded for administrators to oversee and manage. Once again, location is no longer a hurdle.

Other communications and technology services that are managed by the cloud include Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), CRM systems and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The cloud services offered by Cynergy manage UCaaS, which entails Hosted VoIP, Instant Messaging, Conference Calling, Collaboration and other updated phone features. Having these services managed by the cloud takes away the importance of geography and instead focuses on the tasks you need to complete as a business, no matter how many people and/or locations are involved.

Here at Cynergy, we take part in the benefits offered from cloud and data solutions, allowing employees to work remotely and business to continue as normal if inclement weather ensues. We recently moved our own CRM system and Office Exchange to the cloud with Office 360, enhancing our productivity and updating the business. Learn more about our cloud and data solutions here >

Improve your business and empower your employees to be just as productive anywhere, any time with Cynergy’s cloud and data solutions. Contact us to learn the best upgrades for your business.


Watch for our next post as we go in depth on SD-WAN services.