Business Continuity Series #4 – BYOD


Brian Henderson, President


Our previous blog in our business continuity series discussed the importance of and the technology trends that accommodate Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Read the blog here >


Our next focus is on BYOD, or allowing employees to bring their own device. This mobile device management feature is more than just a luxury for employees to use devices they are already familiar with – it also assists in business’ disaster recovery plans and impacts the efficiency in a company.

When you have remote employees, or if you ever encounter a situation where the office cannot be accessed, employees can use their own devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.) to log in to the company’s network with the proper security credentials. This feature is very secure and easily managed by the business, as owners can view online who is on the network, with what device and where they are located. If there is ever any question, owners can even require additional information from the user before allowing him/her to access the network.

One prime example of how this service is used is through the QuickBooksTM software. The online program can be accessed anywhere from any device with the proper login information, and it will tag and log where and when it was accessed, allowing administrators to manage and have full awareness of the use of the software. Another example is Microsoft Exchange. Back in the day, email had to be accessed on the land, in the office. But now, as long as you have the password, it can be used on any device, with no geographic limitations.

As you can see, BYOD is a very flexible and productive feature to business continuity, as well as a vital method to a company’s disaster recovery plan. If you have any questions on this service, or would like to discuss implementing this service and others for your business, contact us!

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Watch our next post as we go in depth into cloud solutions for business continuity.