Bringing the Cloud Helps Companies Bloom

bloomfield-industries-logoBloomfield Industries, Inc., a company on the leading edge of cannabis-based therapies and services, came to Cynergy with a tight deadline. They had 150 days to be operational in multiple locations. When they contacted us, there was no IT, network or telecom expertise or personnel in place yet. We made it possible for them through project management and Cloud and Data services with our team of experts. Read about our company process, or what we call the Cynergy Way.

In order to prepare the company for success, we needed to find services and providers to meet strict requirements quickly and efficiently, with ongoing maintenance and support. Cloud data storage with carrier-grade redundancy and back-ups was a must, as well as strict security focusing around Internet access.

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Designing a multi-provider solution to leverage the strengths in each (from network reliability to handling equipment, routing and cloud hosting), Cynergy was able to work in our timeframe to successfully engage cloud providers for both private and public access, source providers for each company facility, secure Internet access from all locations with network-based managed firewalls and more. Read our full case study with Bloomfield >

Moral to the story, because of the many Cloud and Data Services we provide at Cynergy, we were able to guide Bloomfield through the entire process, communicating with them and managing their IT providers and services.

This is just one of our many success stories. Throughout our 20-year-plus track record, we’ve designed and implemented more than 2,000 solutions for clients, at no charge!

If you want to see your company bloom, let us bring the cloud to you.

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