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You’ve heard us talk about “The Cynergy Experience” and “The Cynergy Way,” and you’ve probably been able to assume it’s about our great customer service. But unlike other companies that might talk a big game and not perform, we have proven time and time again just how successful, effective and excellent our customer service and company process really is.

fCYT-022717-14 Cynergy Experience IconCynergy is backed by our Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 96 percent. This NPS rating indicates a customer’s overall satisfaction, and is scaled on a ranking system from -100 to 100. It’s customers like you that impact the strength and credibility of The Cynergy Way.

The Cynergy Way is a proven and structured approach to the technology and communications industry delivered by Cynergy that involves assessing a customer’s needs, designing, planning and implementing the right tools and services for each individual and maintaining great communication with the customer throughout the entire process.

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If you have discovered for yourself what The Cynergy Experience feels like from past projects, we would love for you to share your experiences through ratings and reviews. After all, it is your word that strengthens our company. You can read what others have said about Cynergy on our Testimonials Page >

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