We are Technology Experts for Business Leaders

Cynergy sole focus is the satisfaction of our Clients through the services provided under our care. We are not agents or brokers, we don’t charge your business. We’re fully agnostic to whichever carrier will best meet your needs.

We currently manage relationships with over 50 service providers throughout the nation. Since 1996 our goal has been to find the right technology to solve the day-to-day business challenges that companies face today.


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    My philosophy is that the smallest improvement of unified communications will make a dramatic impact in a company's productivity.

    Jeff Cohen is a co-founder of Cynergy. As a 20+ year telecommunications industry veteran, Jeff brings proven expertise in the design, procurement, implementation and support of telecom related services. Early in his career, he worked in the financial sector for a fortune 500 brokerage firm where he achieved consistent recognition for his accomplishments and productivity.

    After leaving the financial sector, Jeff built National Project Group (NPG), a 200 seat contact center and was instrumental in establishing a predictive dialer when NPG was chosen as a beta site for a national leading manufacturer. This scenario was the impetus into the telecom industry. As a large user of services and realizing the impact telephony can have on a business's bottom line, he sought a position with a regional long distance reseller where he mastered the art of leveraging business communications to improve overall company performance.

    Subsequently, Jeff set out on his own and founded a telecom firm called "TotalNet." He was solicited by several carriers including Cable & Wireless, BellSouth, AT&T and Paetec to sit on respective advisory boards.

    Today, Jeff provides the Cynergy's solution team with hands on assistance for all complex requirements. His philosophy of "the smallest improvement of unified communications will make an impact in productivity and ultimately a firm's profit" drives Cynergy to continually provide value to existing clients and seek out new relationships that can benefit from ever changing technology.


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    I believe that success is measured by our ability to hold service providers accountable.

    Michael Emanuelo, Cynergy's co-founder and managing partner is a 25+ year telecom industry veteran. As a recognized expert with Data, Hosted voice, and colocation, Michael has driven growth and exceeded expectations. With his extensive industry background, he has helped clients solve problems and create outcomes that leverage technology for the future.

    Prior to Cynergy, Mike's spent his career with successful firms including: Intermedia Communications, Sprint, Worldcom, Cbeyond Communications, and Reignmaker Communications where he held various executive titles.

    His tenure in the carrier world is the basis of Cynergy's customer service/retention practices. His operations expertise led to the development of Cynergy's proprietary order processing, trouble ticketing, and customer inventory portal. Mike uses his extensive background to oversee company operations from provisioning of services to customer escalation supports and support for customers with complex needs.

    His dynamic leadership has created an environment that fosters leading edge thinking with measurable and results-oriented solutions for Cynergy's clients.


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    There is only value in new technology or services if it improves effectiveness, provides flexibility and helps make a part of your business transparent.

    Business leaders in every industry deserve the right services for their needs. After 20+ years in the carrier/service provider market, Brian has joined the Cynergy team. We have become a business leader’s best friend when they are faced with finding new technologies and services. They trust us to look out for their best interests while navigating the multitude of products and carriers in today’s market.

    A business leader’s technology decisions reflect their innovation and vision. Cynergy provides assurance through our depth of industry expertise rarely found on staff. We discuss your goals, needs and current struggles so we can frame a strategy best suited to you. It’s our job to find the right provider(s) for our Clients, not the right Clients for a provider. Our approach is different than others as we work alongside our Clients and help shoulder the responsibility for these decisions. We provide best practices, alternatives, our recommendations and happily discuss the advantages and disadvantages. Once decided, we manage the carrier(s) through implementation and then support you should your needs change. Cynergy augments your capabilities, freeing you up to focus on the other aspects of your business.

    Brian brings decades of experience in the carrier space, particularly with nationwide IP networks, advanced carrier-communication fabrics and carrier-grade data center/cloud facility management. His past organizations drove new network intelligence capabilities, upgraded nationwide carrier networks and oversaw entire service and application platform migrations to leverage new capabilities. Many of these while keeping the services stable for more than 60,000 businesses across the country. Ramping to new technology is routine for us…and we bring that experience to our Clients.

    As a champion of “the right People, working for the right Purpose, using the right Process over the right Platform always fixes the right Problem” (4P) operational model, this same method is a perfect match for Cynergy’s strategy. Our fearless culture regarding technology adoption gives our Clients the confidence to make bold decisions knowing they will realize the benefits of newer services.

    The great culture at Cynergy and their focus on the success of our Clients is the real key to what makes Cynergy something special. The wealth of industry and technology expertise, positive approach and Client relationships makes Brian proud to be a part of this family.

    Brian currently resides in Acworth, GA with his wife, Ronna and four children, Connor, Blake, Chase and Brooke. He spends a great deal of his time at their various activities and enjoys coaching youth sports and is an active board member for a number of non-profits.


    Vice President, Operations
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    If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing.

    W. Edwards Deming

    Chris leads Cynergy’s operation and system organizations. He brings an extensive background in not only operations, but also in software, server, hosted and virtualized services. That expertise now drives Cynergy into finding the best solution fit for the Client combined with the best Client experience. Don’t believe it? Ask our Clients. Their survey responses continually place Cynergy over “Excellent” (> 80) on an NPS (Net Promotor Score) basis, which easily doubles and in some places triples the NPS scores achieved when Clients work directly with the carriers. In fact, Clients score the same carriers almost twice as high when they engage “The Cynergy Way” as compared to when they work directly with the carriers to deploy and adopt new services.

    In Cynergy’s culture, we strive for excellence in a 4P manner:
    -Excellence in Personnel: All employees from entry-level to the leadership team are driven to first fully understand the Client’s need and then to achieve it.
    -Excellence in Purpose: We know our role for each Client so we can effectively execute on their behalf.
    -Excellence in Process: Procedures are a way of life at Cynergy. They keep us organized and allow us to drive the expected outcome time and again.
    -Excellence in Platforms: Our system strategy reinforces our procedures while making our activity transparent to the team. Workflow ensures we arrive at our destination but our systems are flexible in allowing our personnel to leverage their own talents to give that little bit extra. Our people make the execution work.

    Along with his experiences at Cbeyond, SunTrust and others, Chris brings a focused, highly effective Six Sigma approach to all implementations and quality measurement. “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” –John Wooden.

    Chris currently resides in Marietta, GA with his wife Susan. When Chris is not on the mountain bike trails or hiking and fishing with his wife, he can be found cheering on his two favorite sports teams. GO BLUE & GO CUBS!