2017 Trends in Technology Services

Everyone talks about the trends in technology devices and the newest iPhone or Galaxy coming out. Why not instead talk about the many technology services behind the devices that are trending, in order to help you decide what devices you need based on the services you want.

Below are the 2017 trends to look out for:


Many people seem to be scared because of the big acronym, but Software-Defined Wide Area Network is nothing to be afraid of! Basically, SD-WAN is smart routing that helps local devices and servers communicate easily with Internet connections. Learn more about this service >



Be on the lookout for this next step in mobile network, as it will provide very fast and fluid connections to the Internet for users. Just around the corner, 5G will provide a much larger broadband connection than 4G ever has, if estimates are correct.


The following aren’t new, but they’re certainly hot topics to keep in mind.

Fixed Wireless

This service has been around for a while, but it is more refined and elegant now. This is the operation of wireless devices connecting two locations, buildings, branches, etc. with a wireless link. The thru puts to fixed wireless are amazing! So long as you have rooftop access, these microwave technologies are good to go, eliminating the need for providers to dig up your yard to give you connection.


Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) has been very consistent and remains a strong service because users don’t have to pay every time for it. Individuals can manage various phone features (such as routing calls from a different location) easily.


Virtual Service

This includes services such as Google Cloud and Dropbox. As time passes, they only get better and more advanced, providing increased efficiency in sharing documents, photos, files, etc. with others. One note of caution: when sharing data in open environments, always check your network dedication and reliability.


For more information about any of these trending services, or to better manage your services, schedule a consultation with us! Not only will we ensure you receive the best service providers and carriers that fit your needs through our 80+ years of combined experience, but you will also receive these services at no cost to you!