2017 Fiber Solutions to Consider


By 2020, the value of the fiber optic cable industry will reach $2.24 billion, according to a study completed by IndexBox. Fiber solutions for businesses will only continue to upgrade, increasing speeds as the demand for quicker Internet access rises. Below are three fiber-based solutions to consider for keeping your company updated and up to speed.

Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI) Service

Take advantage of this high-speed, reliable, fiber-based service for your company. EDI services are flexible and scalable, offering dedicated connections between the public Internet and local area networks (LANs). With this service, your company can access a greater Internet capacity.

E-Line Point to Point

Send essential and/or sensitive information to various locations of your company securely through this private, dedicated fiber optic connection. Short for Ethernet Virtual Private Line, E-Line connects two Ethernet ports over a wide area network (WAN).

E-LAN (Multipoint)

If your company has multiple branches, consider this fiber-based solution that answers the demand for secure networks with high data needs. With Ethernet Virtual Private LAN, or E-LAN for short, your company will discover a single bridged local area network (LAN) for better connectivity and seamless communications between multiple locations.

Fiber-based Ethernet services are affordable, up-to-date technology solutions that allow business owners to access higher network speeds and reliability. In addition to this, Ethernet solutions are scalable to match the size and needs of your individual business.

Cynergy can assist your business in discovering the perfect fiber solution to keep you updated and up-to-speed. Contact us for more information.